Corelli, Sonate per violino e basso continuo op. V

Release Date: 2003-05-16
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Accademia Bizantina – Ottavio Dantone
Stefano Montanari, violino

Registrato presso la Sala del Refettorio del Museo Nazionale di S. Vitale, Ravenna (Italy)
6 – 10 Aprile e 13 – 16 Ottobre 2002

Label: Arts Music (2 CDs)

Album Review

The Accademia Bizantina together with Montanari and Dantone manage to capture all the sensitive priority of these mature creations, and their affinity with Corelli is all too apparent in their wonderfully articulate and feliticious phrasing. In their hands the music seems to float and dance in thin air like a tiny feather being caressed by the sweet evening breeze.
- Gerald Fenech, Classical Net, 2005