Ottavio Dantone e Accademia Bizantina

Christmas Concert

14 December 2021
Teatro Ponchielli
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G. Valentini
Sinfonia XII Op 1, Per il Santissimo Natale
(Largo, Andante e forte, Allegro, Largo, Presto)

G. M. Schiassi
Concerto XII, Pastorale per il Natale di nostro Signor Jesu
(Adagio, Allegro, Largo, Andante)

A. Vivaldi
Concerto per violino in mi maggiore RV 270, Il Riposo per il SS. Natale
(Allegro, Adagio, Allegro)

G. Torelli
Concerto Grosso op.8 n.6, Pastorale per il SS. Natale
(Grave, Vivace, Largo, Vivace)

G. Sammartini
Concerto Grosso op. 5 n. 6
(Spiritoso, Allegro, Spiritoso, Allegro moderato e grazioso, Pastorale)

A. Corelli
Concerto Grosso op.6 n.8, fatto per la notte di Natale
(Vivace, Grave, Allegro, Adagio, Allegro, Adagio, Vivace Allegro, Pastorale)

Accademia Bizantina
Alessandro Tampieri – conductor and concertmaster


“After playing a leading role in all the seasons of the Ponchielli Theatre, from opera to the Monteverdi Festival, the Accademia Bizantina returns to our stage to conclude a year of events with a concert dedicated to compositions written for Christmas.
The programme includes pieces by Valentini, Schiassi, Vivaldi, Torelli and Sammartini. Ottavio Dantone, one of the greatest exponents of the Italian Baroque repertoire and artistic and musical director of the Accademia Bizantina, will take the podium. Great performers and great music to celebrate the arrival of the Christmas holidays!”