Imprinting: Accademia Bizantina performs Mendelssohn and Schumann

Imprinting: Accademia Bizantina performs Schumann and Mendelssohn

Imprinting is the title of our new album featuring two iconic symphonies of the Romantic era: Mendelssohn’s Italian and Schumann’s Rhenish. The album has been available since June 7 on all streaming platforms and on CD, exclusively on

Imprinting is also, in a wider context, the name of our new music project that explores the great masterpieces of the late 18th and early 19th century. We are known primarily as interpreters of baroque music, and indeed this is a new journey for us. A journey that will see us explore the musical worlds, so far uncharted for us, of Mendelssohn, Schumann, Beethoven and Schubert, but also return to read and record music by Mozart and Haydn.

The idea that drives us is to rediscover some of their most famous works through fresh ears, unencumbered by the layers of interpretations that have piled up over time. Imprinting, therefore, because we see the score as an imprint that composers have left on history. It is up to us as performers to follow, decode and interpret it with every performance.

Our reading on period instruments of the two symphonies by Mendelssohn and Schumann takes into consideration both the aesthetic and philosophical changes pertaining to the era these masterpieces were composed, as well as the tradition of expressive gestures and stances from a very near past, which were still part of the new 19th century art sensibility.

This interpretative act is our imprinting, a specific approach to the score and to music-making that naturally derives from our experience of the Baroque repertoire. In the words of our conductor, Ottavio Dantone:

“choosing these two symphonies and their respective composers reflects a personal affinity, also because both Mendelssohn and Schumann were deeply drawn to and influenced by Bach’s music, which their two works on this recording demonstrate. In the Rhenish and the Italian, the purest expressions of the Romantic spirit coexist with references, styles, and themes of distinct Bachian inspiration, as well as a recurrent and exquisite use of counterpoint. 

This is our imprint, we hope it may leave its mark among those who will love our point of view.

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