Our #dancerevolution project explores the intersections of baroque music, contemporary dance and movement disciplines. In this video, Vivaldi’s concerto for strings takes a run with the Shine School of Movement‘s Parkour Team.

Agitata was our first music video. When it came out, critics Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier and Emilie Munera talked about it on Radio France: «We would like to recommend a video that accompanies the record. It is very well done, with Delphine Galou in a leather jacket, smokey eyes and a great dress. It’s very modern, but in a good way. Often when classical musicians try to do something modern, or “in fashion”, it doesn’t work and the result is often démodé and pretentious: this is definitely not the case.»

We just had to dedicate a video to the Art of Fugue, the masterpiece by J.S. Bach: a genius in the history of music whom, of course, we all adore.


What can be better than playing live, for and with an audience?

Many thanks to Ravenna Festival for allowing us to share this live recording of G.F. Händel’s “Il Trionfo del tempo e del disinganno”.

Making of

How is a baroque music record made? Follow us behind the scenes of the recording of “Giustino”.