Video: Vivaldi’s “Il Giustino” in three minutes

What is Vivaldi’s opera “Il Giustino” all about? A tale of love, adventure, wars, power and fantastic creatures

“Il Giustino”  is a baroque opera by composer Antonio Vivaldi; it may be a lesser-known work of his, but it is a truly surprising one. It tells a gripping tale of love, adventure, wars, power and fantastic creatures.

True to its spirit as a fairytale-opera, conductor Ottavio Dantone‘s work on the new recording of “Il Giustino” is definitely out of the ordinary, both in recreating the score and in his narrative approach: Dantone has directed the new recording of “Il Giustino” as an act of storytelling, envisioning the opera and its fruition as if it were a thrilling bedtime story on audio book.


The new recording of Giustino, in Ottavio Dantone’s version, performed by Accademia Bizantina and a cast of amazing artists, was released on Novembre 16th, 2018. To celebrate, we tried (and had much fun in the process) to sum up the whirlwind of events of Giustino’s tale in a three-minute animated video.

Are you ready to be caught up in the story of Giustino, Arianna, Anastasio, Leocasta and the many characters and plot twists of “Il Giustino”?

“Il Giustino” – released on November 16th, 2018 by The Vivaldi Edition / Naïve Classique.

Conductor: Ottavio Dantone.

With: Accademia Bizantina, Delphine Galou, Emőke Baráth, Silke Gang, Veronica Cangemi, Emiliano Gonzalez Toro, Arianna Vendittelli, Alessandro Giangrande, Rahel Maas.

Recorded from 8 to 16 April 2018, Sala Oriani, Antico Convento San Francesco, Bagnacavallo, Ravenna (Italy)

For further information about the recording and how to buy the CD or digital download, see the album’s page.

Video credits

Illustrations: Giuseppe Di Lernia

Directed by: Daniele Quadrelli

Animation and post production: Claudio Tacchi, Daniele Quadrelli

Art Director: Sabrina Poli

Project coordination: Luca Ragazzini, Stefania Fabbri