Vivaldi - Tamerlano - Accademia Bizantina

Il Tamerlano

29 September 2020

A. Vivaldi – Il Tamerlano, ovvero la morte di Bajazet (RV 703)
dramma per musica in three acts

Bajazet, baritone- Bruno Taddia
Tamerlano, counter tenor – Filippo Mineccia
Asteria, contralto – Delphine Galou
Irene, soprano – Sophie Rennert
Andronico, mezzosoprano – Silke Gäng
Idaspe, soprano – Arianna Vendittelli

Ottavio Dantone – conductor and harpsichord 

Accademia Bizantina

Vivaldi’s opera Bajazet was first performed in Verona in 1738 during the carnival season. It is based on the same libretto as Händel’s Tamerlano.

Simply put, the story is as follows:

The Roman sultan Bajazet has been conquered and taken prisoner by the ruthless Tartar emperor Tamerlano, though he provocatively refuses to submit to him. Tamerlano wants to marry Bajazet’s daughter Asteria, for whom he is willing to abandon his fiancé Irene, but Asteria remains faithful to her true love, Andronico, one of Tamerlano’s allies. While the furious Tamerlano threatens the most terrible tortures, he learns that Bajazet has committed suicide. This brings Tamerlano to his senses and the relationships between all are reestablished.